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Best Day Trips from San Francisco

Want to travel outside San Francisco and see the rest of the coast? Stop by these four cities along the way for picturesque views of the water and more!

Fair warning: while the views are scenic, they’re a far cry from the unbeatable Italian coast.

Half Moon Bay
It is located 28 miles south of San Francisco and is most famously known for its Pumpkin Festival held in October. Aside from the festival, you can enjoy its historic downtown, shopping, art galleries, golf courses, restaurants, beaches, and more! This November, they will be celebrating the 149th Anniversary of the Pigeon Point Lighthouse. 

A little closer to San Francisco, only 12 miles south, is Pacifica. This city is known for its beautiful natural beauty, hiking trails and is rich in history. If nature is not for you, you can stop by one of the eleven major shopping areas in the city. 

Bodega Bay
Further north of San Francisco is Bodega Bay, a fishing village on the Sonoma Coast. You can discover the area by hiking the Bodega Head cliff or kayaking through the waters to find secret coves and beaches. If you continue exploring you will find the tiny town of Bodega which was home to Alfred Hitchcock’s book The Birds.  

Fort Bragg
This coastal town is a historic landmark that was founded in 1857 and was a military garrison prior to the American Civil War. It is named after Braxton Bragg who served the U.S. in the Mexican-American War and in the Confederate Army. A famous spot to visit is Glass Beach which is on the edge of Fort Bragg. This beach used to be the site where residents would throw their garbage away, but in 1967, the city closed the area, and now after years of the waves breaking down the discarded glass, we have small, smooth pieces of sea glass. 

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