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ICS in the Community

The John C. Riccio Grant Program recipients


Thank you very much for the generous donation to the Italian program.

We are happy to purchase a class set of books for the students. I also took a group of seven students to see the San Francisco Opera recently. They loved the experience and were excited every time they understood the libretto.

On Sunday, October 7, we went to italian heritage day in San Francisco. The students celebrated Mass in St Peter and Paul’s cathedral and even had a change to see the altar, thanks to the deacon. We enjoyed an authentic Italian lunch to watch the parade. None of this would have been possible without your support. The students are excited to return to the city soon to tour the Shrine of San Francis of Assisi and are looking foward to participating in the Italian film festival next weekend.

We were visited for 15 days by a group of students from Milan. It was a wonderful experience for both the Italians and the Americans. Marin Catholic will have a feature article about the exchange and i will be sure to send you a copy when it is print (late November). Thank you for helping me create program that is so rich in cultural experiences for our students.

Jeannine Gruenwald, Marin Catholic

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